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Why Guess Just Appointed Michael Relich as COO

Why Guess Just Appointed Michael Relich as COO

Guess announced that Michael Relich has been appointed to the position of COO within the Company, a jump in former responsibilities as CIO for the past nine years.

So why is this a big deal? Relich has been with Guess since 2004 and has attracted much media attention for his huge successes within the company as an Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. To put it simply, he gets it.

3 Reasons Why Low Costs Are Not A Solution In The Apparel Industry

Why Low Costs Are Not The Holy Grail Of The Apparel Industry

Many apparel brands focus solely on driving input costs as low as possible as a means of differentiating their business from competitors. Having the lowest costs these days does not simply guarantee success.

Being the low-cost leader is not a sustainable competitive advantage. It's easy for apparel brands to forget that they're in an industry where consumers have more choices & options than ever. Products need to be innovative, well-designed, high quality, and cost-conscious all at the same time in order to be successful.

Zara Co-founder Rosalia Mera Dies At Age 69

Zara Co-founder Rosalia Mera Dies At Age 69

Rosalia Mera, the co-founder of Spanish fashion retailer, Zara died on August 15th of a stroke she suffered while on vacation in Minorca.

At the time of Mera's death, she was the wealthiest self-made woman in the world, and the second richest person in Spain, second only to her ex-husband whom she founded Zara with in 1975.

Why American Apparel's Larger Losses Are A Good Thing

Why American Apparel's Larger Losses Are A Good Thing

This week, American Apparel announced larger net losses for the Company, over $37.5 million for the quarter. Here's why that's a good thing.

Although the well known, made in the US fashion retailer posted a net loss of $37.5 million for the quarter, the Company's Revenues clocked in at $162 million and were up over 9% with same store sales up 7%, and wholesale net sales up 16% from last quarter. The strong growth in both business units is evidence of the Company's long-term growth strategy paying off.

uFaker: A New App That Rewards You For Reporting Counterfeit Products

uFaker: The New App That Rewards You For Reporting Counterfeit Products

uFaker is an easy-to-use mobile, web, and social platform for identifying, reporting, and combatting counterfeit products.

The app, was created by Jason Drangel of Epstein Drangel, LLP, an intellectual property law firm based in New York. With the goal of reducing the number of counterfeit goods on the market, the app is designed to empower consumers to take action and become part of the fight. It comes with a nice reward for reporting fakers, too.

How Guess Has Thrived in the Apparel Industry for Over 30 Years

How Guess Has Thrived in the Apparel Industry for Over 30 Years

Since Guess, Inc. was founded by the Marciano brothers in the 1981 Los Angeles apparel scene, the company has survived many tumultuous industry shifts and internal changes. Here's how they've built such a powerful brand.

Guess has been a namesake brand in the apparel industry for over three decades. The company's gone through countless changes in fashion trends, highly publicized internal turmoil, and economic downturns that saw consumer spending hit all-time lows. Here's how they've thrived throughout the years.

Joe's Jeans Continues Aggressive Growth With 33rd Retail Boutique

Joes Jeans Opens 33rd Retail Location

Joe's Jeans announced the opening of the Company's 33rd retail boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada to continue the Company's aggressive growth strategy.

Since Joe's Jeans 2001 founding in Los Angeles, the Company has been recognized as a casual chic lifestyle brand known for their modernized, California-style premium denim and collection pieces with a European flare. This year, the Company's been implementing growth initiatives that have seen a large acquisition, more store openings, and more retailers carrying their premium denim. 

Michael Kors: What's Fueling the Company's Explosive Growth


How Your Brand is Going Out of Business Without Even Knowing It

How Your Brand Is Going Out Of Business Without Even Knowing It

In today's Apparel Industry, it's no longer an option for brands to neglect investing in sustainable, scalable, efficiency-driven supply chain technologies. It's a matter of life or death.

The most successful brands in the world today have embraced and excelled with adapting to new supply chain technologies that have created significant long-term value for their brands. Technology is not a fad, and the brands that aren't investing time & resources into their internal systems are getting left behind in the dust.

4 Reasons Why J Brand Denim Will Thrive in Japan

Why J Brand is Expanding to Launch Premium Denim Line in Japan

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., owner of LA-based denim maker, J Brand has announced plans to launch a new subsidiary company, J Brand Japan Co., Ltd. to capture Japan's rapidly growing demand of premium denim.

J Brand is set to create and begin developing the company's brand name premium denim in Japan towards the end of this year.  This move by the brand's new Japanese-based owners, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. is a natural step in the development of J Brand in the quickly expanding apparel market in Japan.

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